The Soaring 100

Almost a century ago, on October 24, 1911, Orville Wright soared for 9 minutes and 45 seconds in Kitty Hawk, a record that held for almost 10 years, and started the sport and science of modern soaring as we know it today. Over 10,000 celebrated Soaring 100 Oct.21-24, 2011, enjoying and participating in events and exhibits at Wright Brothers National Memorial and Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

The turn-out for the temporary postal station on October 21st, including a commemorative centennial postmark, exceeded expectations to the extent that the U. S. Postal Service extended the “service window” on site at Jockey’s Ridge to accommodate the increased demand.

The commemorative postmark was part of an event within an event.  On October 21st Jockey’s Ridge State Park was designated a National Landmark of Soaring.  The plaque recognizing this designation was sponsored by the National Soaring Museum.

nasa-at-jockeys-ridge~s400x400NASA’s “Driven to Explore” exhibit drew thousands to Jockey’s Ridge.  This outdoor exhibit included a moon rock that everyone could touch.  A MILE HIGH THANKS to the Friends of Jockey’s Ridge who provided 24-hour/overnight security for the exhibit.


“The Secret Experiments of the Wright Brothers”

1911 Popular Mechanics article regarding Orville’s glider flight

So many extravagant stories have been printed concerning the interesting experiments with a new glider, which the Wright brothers have been making of late at Kill Devil Hils, N.C., that Popular Mechanics sent an acknowledged authority on aviation to North Carolina to write an accurate and complete description of the machine and of results secured, together with an expert analysis of the technical significance of the work. View the entire article with lots of great images by clicking on the link below.