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  • Simineshort Photo

    Simine Short

    Simine Short is an aviation researcher and historian. She has written more than 100 articles on the history of motorless flight …

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  • WWII Glider Pilot - Still Soaring

    WWII Glider Pilot Still Soaring

    Lt. Col. (RET) Al Hulstruck of the US Army WWII Glider Pilots, Silent Wings, joins Soaring 100 with an exhibit that …

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  • Wright Brothers National Memorial - The Exhibits - Glider Replica

    Comparing Ribs

    Rick Young, 1911 Glider reproduction builder for Soaring 100 Exhibit and First Flight Foundation Director, visits Flight Room at Wright Brothers …

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  • Russlee

    Russell E. Lee

    Lee earned a Master’s Degree in American History from George Mason University. He recently published a biography on Reimar Horten, titled Only …

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  • Peter Portrait Dsc6923a

    Peter L. Jakab, Ph.D.

    Jakab holds a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in American history from Rutgers University. He has been with NASM since 1983. In addition to …

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  • Mr. Harry B. Combs

    Harry Combs’ Gift Brings the Flyer Home Harry Combs’ Gift Brings the Flyer Home Thanks to the generosity of Harry …

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  • Wolf Aviation Fund

    Wolf Aviation Fund

    Kitty Hawk, NC    The First Flight Foundation is a 2011 recipient of the Wolf Aviation Fund for Soaring 100, which …

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  • Hangliding Outer Banks

    Paul Dees

    Paul Dees had his first soaring flight in a hang glider in 1984 on the California coast, ten years after his …

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  • Luk Pix

    Dr. Bernd Lukasch

    Under Lukasch’s leadership the museum has been awarded the title “National Memorial” by the State Minister for Culture and Media of …

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  • John Anderson 0008

    John D. Anderson, Jr., PhD

    Dr. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering Degree from the University of Florida. He attended the Ohio State University under the National …

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  • Tom Crouch Pic

    Tom Crouch, Ph.D.

    Born in Dayton, OH, the birthplace and home of the Wright Brothers, it seemed pre-determined that Tom Crouch would be …

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  • Dare County Board of Commissioners Sign Soaring 100 Proclamation

    June 6, 2011, Dare County Board of Commissioners signed a proclamation recognizing the historical and cultural significance of Soaring 100 …

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