August 8, 1908-Wilbur Wright makes his first test flight in Europe at Champs d’Auvours, France.

August 29, 1909-Glenn Curtiss winds speed tests in Rheims, France.

August 1, 1911-Harriet Quimby is the first American woman to receive a U.S. Federation Aeronautique pilot’s license.

Augusts 26, 1914-Igor Sikorsky flies the first four-engine aircraft, the Grand.

August 21, 1922-Lawrence Sperry drops landing gear from his airplane.

August 8-29, 1929-First round-the-world flight of a dirigible, the Graf Zeppelin.

August 24, 1939-First jet-powered flight, the Heinkel He 178.

August 6, 1945-The Enola Gay drops the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.

August 12, 1946-President Truman establishes the National Air Museum at the Smithsonian Institutions.

August 22, 1963-X-15 sets altitude record of 67 miles at 4,159 mph.

August 14, 1966-Orbiter 1 becomes the first U.S. spacecraft to orbit the moon.

August 20, 1975-Viking 1 orbiter and lander are launched to Mars.

August 30, 1984-First flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

August 13, 2013-Space X Grasshopper demonstrates successful vertical take-off and landing.

Source-AOPA Pilot Magazine, August 2015