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  • August Aviation History Notes

    August 8, 1908-Wilbur Wright makes his first test flight in Europe at Champs d’Auvours, France. August 29, 1909-Glenn Curtiss winds speed tests in Rheims, France. August 1, 1911-Harriet Quimby is the first American woman to receive a U.S. Federation Aeronautique pilot’s license. Augusts 26, 1914-Igor …

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  • July Aviation Notables!

    July 2, 1900-First Flight of the Zeppelin rigid airship. July 4, 1908-Glenn Curtiss flies the June Bug more than a mile. July 25, 1909-Louis Bleriot crosses the English Channel in his Bleriot. July 14-15,1919-The Vickers Vimy flies non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean. July 15-22, 1933-Wiley …

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  • June Aviation Historical Notes

    June 13, 1910  Charles K. Hamilton flies the Curtiss Reims Racer from New York to Philadelphia. June 15, 1921   Bessie Coleman is the first African-American woman to receive a Federation Aeronautic Internationale pilot license. June 17, 1928   Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly …

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  • 2015 USAF Academy Graduation

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  • CBS Sunday Morning (video), The Wright Brothers

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  • Five Wright Facts to Know (video) by David McCullough

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  • Mccullough Book Cover

    David McCullough OBX Book Signing

    Two time Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough will read from his new book (released May 2015) The Wright Brothers. McCullough will also sign books, and books will be available for sale. Sunday May 24, 3:00 p.m. First Flight High School, Veterans Drive Kill Devil Hills …

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  • Wright Brothers Mini-Series

    We are pleased that American film icon and friend of American History, Tom Hanks is working with HBO to produce a mini-series based on The Wright Brothers, the latest classic in the making by two time Pulitzer winner, David McCullough.    

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  • April Aviation Highlights

    April 6, 1912   Harriet Quimby is the first woman to fly across the English Channel. April 39, 1917 Pacific Aero Products changes its name to Boeing Aircraft Co.  President-William E. Boeing April 20, 1930 Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh set a transcontinental speed record from …

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  • Donor Agmt Signing

    Foundation Continues Monument Care

    Foundation President, Will Plentl joins NPS Deputy Superintendent Mark Dowdle announcing a $12,500 donation of maintenance services for continued care and cleaning of the Pylon of the Wright Brothers National Memorial, affectionately referred to as “The Monument”.

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  • Overhead

    Centennial Exhibits Find New Home

    We are pleased that exhibits from the 2003 Centennial, The Event of the Century, and Soaring 100 are now on permanent loan and exhibit at The NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC.  The exhibits were on exhibit for 10 years in the First Flight Centennial …

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  • Inside the Monument

    Special Appreciation to the North Beach Sun for taking us “Inside” . North Beach Sun Monument Cover Story

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  • Our State Cover

    Our State

    The Wrights of North Carolina!  Yes, we claim the brothers as our own North Carolinians.  Only one facet of the “friendlier” rivalry with the state of Ohio.  The feature article of this issue of Our State magazine recounts how the Wrights’ time in North Carolina, …

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  • The Sculpture

    The sculpture was a gift to the centennial and Wright legacy by the state of North Carolina. Sculptor, Stephen H. Smith Wright Brothers First Flight Centennial Memorial Commissioned by the State of North Carolina to celebrate the centennial Anniversary of flight December 17, 1903-2003. The …

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  • Dedicationshaft

    The Monument, 85th Anniversary, November 19, 2017

    In Commemoration Of The Conquest Of The Air By The Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright Conceived By Genius And Achieved Dauntless Resolution And Unconquerable Faith.  The inscription around the base of the pylon atop Big Kill Devil Hill. November 19, 1932, Orville Wright, joined by …

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  • Glider Press Release Photo 21

    1911 Glider Glider Soars at NCMOH

    Press Release Wright glider 1911

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  • Orvandbingham1

    1928 25th Anniversary of the First Flight

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  • NC-OH Joint Advocacy

    OH-NC Joint Press Conference

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  • Soaring 100 -1911 Glider building


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  • Tom Crouch Pic

    Soaring 100 International Symposium

    Aviation novices, enthusiasts, and professionals enjoyed a diverse program of aviation history developed by Dr. Tom Crouch, Ph.D., Senior Curator, Aeronautics, of the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum. Dr. Crouch ,”The Birth of Gliding, Cayley to Lilienthal.” Dr. Bernd Lukasch, Director, Otto-Lilienthal-Museum: “Otto Lilienthal …

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  • WWII Glider Pilot - Still Soaring

    WWII Glider Pilot Still Soaring

    Lt. Col. (RET) Al Hulstruck of the US Army WWII Glider Pilots, Silent Wings, joins Soaring 100 with an exhibit that he personally funded, built, and shares with aviation enthusiasts, historians, and the public. Hultruck has the distinction of serving as a US Army Glider Pilot …

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  • A93

    Fan Club News!

    Paul and Beth Ann Schneider will attend Soaring 100 festivities October 21-24.  They are coming from their home field of Heber City Airport (36U) in Utah.  They have already booked accommodations for the week and signed up as Soaring 100 Volunteers.

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  • Suzanne Tate

    Suzanne Tate Continues Wright Family Ties in Soaring 100

    Outer Banks children’s book author and recipient of the 2011 Land of Beginnings Living Legend Award, Suzanne Tate, will be reading her two Wright inspired books as part of Soaring 100, October 21 – 24, 2011. Soaring 100 is the centennial celebration of Orville Wright’s 1911 …

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