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WBNM Visitor Center Re-opens Sept. 2018

Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2001, will welcome
visitors during extended hours, 9:00 am-7:00 pm, September 29 & 30th, as it re-opens after a two year rehabilitation.

Not only did the physical structure undergo a complete overhaul, but also the exhibits.  For the first time since the facility
opened in 1960, there has been an exhibit make-over.

The Wright and First Flight stories are now interpreted through inter-active and video formats.  Artifacts including a 1903 Flyer propeller, engine
crank case, Mrs. Addie Tate’s sewing machine, the wind tunnel (reproduction), and Wright tools, return in newly designed interpretive

A popular artifact, cloth and wood from the Kitty Hawk 1903 Wright Flyer taken to the moon’s surface by astronaut Neil Armstrong, is returned to display but in an interactive schematic.

The artifact collection will introduce select pieces not previously displayed including items loaned to WBNM/National Park Service by the Franklin Institute.

The 1903 Wright Flyer returns to the Flight Room in a new exhibit format.  The Flyer is currently being refurbished in preparation for its reinstallation in the Flight Room.

During the facility’s rehabilitation the 1903 Flyer was displayed aerially at the North Carolina Museum of History (NCMOH) ensuring the Flyer did not leave North Carolina.  The First Flight Foundation was pleased to facilitate this partnership between the museum and the National Park Service and to fund the Flyer’s installation through a grant to the North Carolina’s Museum of History Foundation.  During its display at the NCMOH, the Flyer was available to over 400,000 visitors.

The National Park Service is completing the event schedule.

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