July 2, 1900-First Flight of the Zeppelin rigid airship.

July 4, 1908-Glenn Curtiss flies the June Bug more than a mile.

July 25, 1909-Louis Bleriot crosses the English Channel in his Bleriot.

July 14-15,1919-The Vickers Vimy flies non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.

July 15-22, 1933-Wiley Post flies his Lockheed Vega, Winnie Mae, solo around the world.

July 28, 1935-The B-17 Flying Fortress is unveiled.

July 2, 1937-Amelia Earhart is lost en route to Howland Island from Lae, New Guinea.

July 1, 1941-Jacqueline Cochran is the first woman to ferry a bomber across the Atlantic as part of the “Wings for Britain”.

July 19, 1941-The Tuskegee Airmen, the first black fighter pilot squadron, is formed.

July 20, 1969-Apollo 11 land on the moon.  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are the first to make the giant leap.

July 22-27, 1976-Viking I is the first US spacecraft to land on another planet-Mars.

July 22-27,1999-Eileen Collins is the first woman to command a US space mission.

July 2, 2002-Steve Fossett completes circumnavigation of the globe in his balloon, Spirit of Freedom.

July 6, 2013-Solar Impulse completes its first cross country flight.

Source- AOPA Pilot Magazine, July 2015