September 25, 1903  The Wright brothers arrive in kitty Hawk, NC, to prepare for their historic flight.

September 15, 1904   Orville Wright makes the first turn with an airplane.  Wilbur makes the first circle five days later.

September 23, 1911    The first air mail in the U.S. was carried by Eagle Ovington.

September 2, 1916      Airplanes communicate via radio for the first time in flight.

September 24, 1929   James H. Doolittle takes off and lands entirely on instruments in the first blind flight.

September 14, 1939    Igor Sikorsky pilots the first practical helicopter, the VS-300.

September 16, 1947    The U.S. Air Force is established as a separate and equal branch of the U.S. armed forces.

September 15, 1959    A. Scott Crossfield is first to pilot the X-15, the fastest and highest flying aircraft in history.

September 3, 1971      The Concorde makes its first transatlantic crossing.

September 5, 1984     First flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery concludes.

September 26, 1996   Shannon Lucid sets the US record for continuous stay in space and begins a more than two year continuous stay in space and begins a two year plus continuing US space presence .

September 22, 2012   First group of USAF UAV operators graduate without learning to be pilots.

September 17, 2013    Boeing 787-9 makes its first text flight.

September 25, 2013   An unmapped F-16 breaks the sound barrier.

Source: AOPA Pilot Magazine   September 2015